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07:45:01  <koldbrutality>:'( segfaulted again
07:45:45  <koldbrutality>i'm going to have to do my 12th git bisect
08:21:27  <obiwahn>meh;(
08:22:00  <obiwahn>Is SetIntegrityLevel the way to make objects immutable from c++?
09:05:20  <xaxxon>koldbrutality, are you finding bugs in the current code when you do this bisecting? or... ?
09:06:47  <xaxxon>obiwahn, I don't know, sorry
09:14:52  <obiwahn>no problem:)
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10:05:14  <obiwahn>Is there a way to get the template form a function (e.g constructor). I want to know if some parameter has a certain native/c++ type that I have wrapped as well. My idea is to call HasInstance(param) on the template.
10:20:30  <xaxxon>obiwahn, "the template form a function"?
10:23:47  <obiwahn>constructor().Reset(tpl->GetFunction());
10:25:01  <obiwahn>I would like to get the template of a function, that is the constructor of an object.
10:26:38  <obiwahn>What I really want is a sane way to know is some object in args[] is of a certain type.
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10:29:46  <xaxxon>obiwahn, maybe you want this: http://v8.paulfryzel.com/docs/master/classv8_1_1_object.html#abd62f72947a0ddad5ada4fbfbb0194ef
10:31:10  <xaxxon>obiwahn, is that what you were thinking of?
10:31:53  <obiwahn>almost:)
10:32:05  <obiwahn>if i had the template
10:32:23  <obiwahn>i have some local value
10:33:38  <xaxxon>I store the templates
10:34:04  <obiwahn>I can convert it into an object. In case it is convertible. But then what do i need to do to get my hands on the template. I looks like I need that template in order call this function.
10:34:47  <obiwahn>do you have some example code?
10:34:50  <xaxxon>template<class T>class TemplateStorage{FunctionTemplate tmpl;};
10:34:53  <xaxxon>hrmm
10:35:12  <xaxxon>it's gong to be big and ugly
10:35:59  <obiwahn>http://melpon.org/wandbox/
10:36:50  <xaxxon>what is that?
10:37:11  <obiwahn>some wonderful page like ideone
10:37:18  <xaxxon>what is the code ON the page?
10:37:24  <xaxxon>I know what wandbox is :-\
10:37:43  <obiwahn>is there code on the page?
10:37:54  <obiwahn>then it is probably form you last visit
10:37:55  <xaxxon>oh haha
10:38:11  <obiwahn>from :)
10:38:17  <xaxxon>I thought you were sending me code to look at
10:38:34  <xaxxon>yeah... my code would confuse more than help
10:39:01  <obiwahn>"Form" is Ferman word and I can not stop typing it when i want to write from:P
10:39:04  <xaxxon>but anyhow, just store your functiontemplates when you make them
10:39:11  <obiwahn>German
10:39:15  <xaxxon>ferman
10:41:03  <xaxxon>or.. I suppose you could store it in an object you put in an internal field in your object
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10:45:24  <obiwahn>v8::Persistent<v8::FunctionTemplate> _tpl /// in Init: _tpl.reset(tpl) -- does this look about right?
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10:47:40  <xaxxon>throw in an isolate..
10:47:46  <xaxxon>also, I use Global. I'm not sure what Persistent is
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10:48:03  <xaxxon>I mean, I know it's similar
10:52:51  <obiwahn>The first few days with v8 are really tough so far:) I play a bit and stop bothering you for a while.
10:52:54  <obiwahn>thank you!
10:53:50  <xaxxon>ok.
10:54:06  <xaxxon>v8 is very hard to learn. feel free to ask as much as you want.. if I'm around I'll answer
10:55:31  <xaxxon>anyhow, if you're familiar with unique_ptr, I'd suggest using Global instead of Persistent. Works exactly the same as a unique_ptr
10:55:39  <xaxxon>and it doesnt have the weirdities of persistent
10:55:46  <xaxxon>about the copyable attributes thing
10:56:16  <xaxxon>obiwahn, what are you trying to do with v8?
10:56:28  <xaxxon>as in, at a high level, what is your project?
10:56:57  <obiwahn>I need to create a c++ and js driver for a database.
10:57:37  <obiwahn>I have inherited a very broken driver and hope to be allowed to rewrite it.
10:57:43  <xaxxon>wow
10:57:46  <xaxxon>this sounds VERY similar
10:58:00  <obiwahn>So for the moment my task is to warp the old driver for node
10:58:05  <xaxxon>to a guy I helped here before who works for some open source database company that has a JS interface
10:58:37  <obiwahn>his name was not john?
10:59:23  <obiwahn>it is all a mess i have a connection that has state so i can not send multiple requests on over that connection
10:59:48  <obiwahn>there is some loop you where you have to call run and wait for the result instead of callbacks:P
11:00:53  <obiwahn>https://github.com/arangodb/fuerte
11:03:04  <xaxxon>obiwahn, what company do you work for?
11:03:56  <xaxxon>oh, arrangodb
11:04:00  <obiwahn>ArangoDB :)
11:04:24  <obiwahn>i think the cluster graph stuff is cool
11:04:37  <obiwahn>so there is a reason to use it
11:04:56  <obiwahn>but this driver seriously lacks
11:05:28  <obiwahn>Some external developer created it.
11:05:46  <xaxxon>I think the guy I helped before worked for the company EventStore
11:05:48  <xaxxon>but I'm not 100%
11:06:56  <obiwahn>Are you working on v8?
11:07:42  <xaxxon>I use it, but I don't develop it
11:08:43  <obiwahn>So what are you doing with v8?
11:09:33  <xaxxon>using it as a scripting language inside another program
11:12:01  <obiwahn>I'll have a look at Global:)
11:17:10  <obiwahn>I would still need to create a local from a Global to use it right? Persistent and Global even share the same base.
11:19:00  <xaxxon>yes.
11:19:14  <xaxxon>locals go away when their handlescope goes away, persistent... persists
11:22:38  <xaxxon>using global makes your classes uncopyable, but when I was learning I was told that having copable persistents was just asking for things to break
11:31:55  <xaxxon>obiwahn, gotta sleep. good luck :)
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13:08:06  <jochen__>it's not asking for things to break
13:08:29  <jochen__>it's just that creating and destroying global handles isn't exactly the cheapest operation
13:08:37  <jochen__>and it doesn't work with weak handles
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13:24:05  <obiwahn>I have it as static member (ala meyers) in a static function. So I guess it will be ok.
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17:50:12  <xaxxon>jochen__, I was setting some EnableCopyable attribute on Persistent or something that I swear someone said was dangerous
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19:14:52  <xaxxon>how long is the Utf8Value::operator* return value good for?
19:17:54  <xaxxon>oh, it's as long as the utf8value object is around.. and since I always use it as a rvalue temporary.... it means "not very long"
19:18:55  <xaxxon>never even thought about making an lvalue of it
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19:27:30  <sparr>caitp: bradleymeck's description was pretty close to my use case. my actual target was to get the value of a variable that existed in the scope where a function was defined, but not in the scope where I was calling the function.
19:28:28  <sparr>I have foo(arg){fn.apply(this,arg)} and I can call foo, but I want to know the value of fn.
19:30:41  <sparr>I got pretty close to it, but it ended up not working, probably due to security features of the environment the script was running in.
19:31:11  <sparr>maybe v8 itself, maybe the vm node.js module
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20:20:13  <bradleymeck>sparr: node's vm modue is completely not secure
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