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20:17:48  <jwolfe>in chromium/src, if i run: python third_party/WebKit/Tools/Scripts/run-webkit-tests -t Release, is that called "layout tests"?
20:18:25  <jwolfe>as opposed to "webkit tests", which i'm pretty sure is wrong, or "blink tests", which seems like a more correct name.
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21:38:31  <aklein>jwolfe: yes :)
21:38:45  <aklein>the tests themselves are under third_party/WebKit/LayoutTests
21:40:01  <jwolfe>ok. and as we established earlier, the name WebKit and even the categorization third_party are both totally wrong, but left in there for historic purposes.
21:41:43  <aklein>yes. there's a multi-year effort underway to change things, but it involves many moving parts
21:42:01  <jwolfe>oh there is an effort? that's comforting news :)
22:10:53  * bradleymeckjoined
22:29:17  <aklein>recent work there has been about code formatting, for example
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