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10:29:52  <ebarrett>caitp: here?
10:33:24  <ebarrett>i was wondering where you read about the v8 versions?
10:35:01  <ebarrett>perhaps in sync with chrome?
10:35:04  <ebarrett>https://www.chromium.org/developers/calendar
10:39:42  <ebarrett>caitp: this page says 5.4 is stable: https://omahaproxy.appspot.com/
10:40:59  <ebarrett>5.5 is beta
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11:15:38  <caitp>ebarrett: 5.5 will be branched to stable in the next week
11:16:49  <ebarrett>ok
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16:17:57  <caitp>anba is at it again
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17:27:13  <gsathya>caitp: the ispromise function installation code in boostrapper sets up the formal_parameter_count
17:27:59  <gsathya>(re: using kDontAdaptArgumentsSentinel)
17:28:18  <caitp>I remember seeing a comment from Benedikt saying it was "redundant and wrong", though
17:28:39  <caitp>maybe that was just for a stub
17:28:40  <caitp>dunno
17:46:37  <caitp>gsathya: anba's 2 bugs re: promises and async functions are the result of invalid optimizations in our code :\
17:46:49  <caitp>and I've just noticed that we have some weird observable behaviour that shouldn't be observable
17:58:15  <gsathya>caitp: i don't think your comment#6 is non-compliance. Promise.resolve(p) should return p
17:58:32  <caitp>I erased comment #6
17:58:36  <gsathya>PromiseCastResolved is busted, we need a check for PromiseThen
17:58:52  <gsathya>oh sorry
17:59:00  <caitp>the get should be observable, you're right
17:59:10  <caitp>but, we can't skip the enqueue promise job for builtin promises, unfortunately
17:59:35  <caitp>we might be able to do a special promise job that doesn't call handler functions
18:15:10  <gsathya>caitp: ugh, yes
18:15:28  <caitp>I'm not sure it's worth having a separate path for builtin promises though
18:16:33  <gsathya>it definitely is, we skip the runtime call to enqueue and a tick
18:17:25  <caitp>well, not enqueueing the task is an observable spec violation, even though most people wouldn't notice
18:18:37  <gsathya>well, according to the spec we should resolve in two ticks(one tick for enqueue, one tick for fulfill), but we do it in one, so it isn't noticeable
18:18:54  <caitp>but it is noticeable based on anba's bug
18:18:55  <gsathya>but this is super special cased for resolving against builtin promises that are already resolved .. which isn't all that common
18:18:57  <caitp>it's definitely hard to notice
18:19:07  <caitp>but it's clearly observable
18:19:15  <caitp>it affects the ordering of other promises
18:19:25  <caitp>or, ordering of other promise tasks
18:19:36  <gsathya>yes, it is observable now with async await
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18:26:42  <gsathya>caitp: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/v8/issues/detail?id=5691 ah
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18:28:22  <caitp>yeah, it's observable without async
18:28:28  <gsathya>:(
18:34:17  <caitp>it's weird to require microtasks ticks for Promise.resolve() though, maybe there's an argument to be made to change the spec
18:34:23  <caitp>er, require 2 microtasks*
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23:32:43  <gsathya>caitp: did you figure out reason for the GC crash with your promise inobject prop CL?
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23:44:37  <caitp>gsathya: like igor said, it fails if the object goes into slow mode
23:45:00  <caitp>i thought the fields before header size would stay fast, but nope
23:45:35  <caitp>i think that is fixable
23:45:46  <caitp>but maybe not worth it
23:46:45  <xaxxon>any general guidelines about how to make the process of going back and forth between javascript and c++ fast? like when you call a native function? like maybe something that the debug javascript library does?
23:47:07  <xaxxon>is that special @ syntax anything special?
23:48:45  <xaxxon>from a performance perspective?
23:57:05  <caitp>xaxxon: the thing is, you have entry/exit frames, can't inline (you could add inlining support if you needed to downstream, but not automatic), bunch of other things
23:59:08  <caitp>v8 intrinsics still need entry/exit frames, and generally aren't handled specially by optimizing backends (but can be, ditto for ignition)
23:59:16  <xaxxon>ahh
23:59:56  <xaxxon>just figured I'd ask. I very poorly implemented an interface thinking that doing stuff in c++ would be good. I understand better now, but it's sort of too late