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02:16:11  <Super-Human>https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/GoepJKL4/
02:16:16  <Super-Human>Is this bug?
02:16:38  <Super-Human>First, result is False and second result if True.
02:17:30  <Super-Human>Why NaN is different?
02:18:19  <Super-Human>Sorry, my English is very not good.
02:18:48  <Super-Human>I mean, First result is 'False' and second result is True.
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03:49:20  <caitp>Super-Human: NaN never evaluates equal to anything
03:49:22  <caitp>it's "special" like that
03:50:33  <caitp>usually people do `typeof value === "number" && value !== value`, or just use Number.isNaN()
04:11:35  <Super-Human>hmm, OK
04:11:49  <Super-Human>Thanks
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08:33:14  * maltopic: see #chromium, http://code.google.com/p/v8/
08:50:19  <trungl-bot>Tree opened by [email protected]: open
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10:59:58  <Neph0>Hello, I've been working with v8/node addons for the past few days. Somewhere in a c++ callback, I'm trying to use process.emit() to interact with other node modules. I'm using a Persistent<Function> to keep it in memory. However, in my c++ function, when trying to form its arguments, the program crashes. Any idea why? Uploading the code snippet now.
11:00:40  <Neph0>https://gist.github.com/anonymous/3b4707b5611a110a0067f71ebdaff9f2
11:01:00  <Neph0>Basically, every time I run a line that uses `isolate`, it segfaults.
11:01:50  <Neph0>I checked, `isolate` isn't NULL, and if I put my `args[2]` definition before the `lpe` definition, it crashes just the same, which makes me thinks that it comes from me probably doing something bad with isolate...
11:02:54  <Neph0>I'll be right back, eating. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me clear this mystery!
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13:11:49  <Neph0>Actually, turns out the Isolate::GetCurrent() returns NULL. I thought I checked that... well. Any idea why that is happening?
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16:38:16  <xaxxon>I have a NamedPropertyHandlerConfiguration set up n a variable when I access an attribute directly I don't get any callbacks and the value is undefined. if I call getownpropertynames on it, though It has the property(attribute? i forget the js temrinology) and if I say object->Get(PropertyName) it hs a non-undefined value
16:38:22  <xaxxon>anything common I might be doing wrong?
16:38:41  <xaxxon>I get an enumerator callback followed by a bunch of get callbacks the second way
16:39:59  <caitp>xaxxon: well what do the callbacks look like?
16:40:35  <xaxxon>if I'm doing it right, my_var.some_property should call the getter directly, right?
16:41:13  <xaxxon>I have a few more things I want ot try before trying to get my code in a presentable fashion
16:41:42  <caitp>if my_var has your interceptor, and the interceptor is reached during lookup before something else, then yes
16:41:49  <caitp>how do you know the callback isn't called?
16:42:00  <xaxxon>breakpoints
16:42:25  <xaxxon>they're hit on getownproperties and the subsequent c++ calls for obj->Get(PropName)
16:42:51  <caitp>are you sure `my_var` has the interceptor on it?
16:43:03  <caitp>like, is he interceptor on the instance template, or my_var's prototype?
16:43:41  <xaxxon>I did have the probem where I put it on the wrong one a while ago. pretty sure I didn't screw that up, but who knows
16:45:58  <xaxxon>caitp: thanks for your help. I'm just a dumbass. it's myvar.mid_level_property.real_property not myvar.real_property :-\
16:46:10  <caitp>there you go
16:46:24  <xaxxon>I changed it and forgot to update this code.
16:46:42  <xaxxon>and my thing that dumps out values .. isn't formatted awesomely so I missed the middle one
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16:48:37  <xaxxon>caitp: unrelated, I saw some bits about realtime code changing when I was messing around with the debug protocol. does that do what I think it does.. and is it useableish?
16:49:42  <caitp>realtime code changing?
16:49:57  <xaxxon>looking
16:50:37  <caitp>that sounds like liveedit to me, which the v8 inspector supports
16:50:45  <caitp>but maybe it's something else?
16:51:22  <xaxxon>yes, that's the one
16:52:42  <xaxxon>caitp: a lot of v8 seems to be marked "experimental do not use" even if it's 4 years old and part of the standard for 2. it's tough to tell when to pay attention to the warnings
16:53:31  <xaxxon>"a lot".. not really a lot, but a lot of the warnings that I do see seem to be not real anymore
16:53:47  <xaxxon>anyhow, thanks for the help :)
16:55:20  <caitp>if you see problems with the documentation, please file bugs
16:55:53  <caitp>or any other kind of problems, heh
16:57:21  <xaxxon>ok
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