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10:51:24  <trigen>Hi, I have a EC6 `class some_class {}` already defined after a compile and run, now in C++ I want to create a new instance of this some_class. My approach seems wrong but I get stuck already at trying to get a handle (probably not the correct term); https://gist.github.com/rayburgemeestre/df6193d532c7b7908fe27c89799bfa3a
10:51:35  <trigen>Any pointer in the right direction would be greatly appreciated :)
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14:38:54  <trigen>I also posted it to v8-users, perhaps how I explain it there is more clear; https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/v8-users/Hj2j4rJMwBw
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15:39:35  <black_13>it seems that articles related to binding a c++ object to v8,js are dated.
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17:15:59  <black_13>the point example on the wiki seems to be incomplete.
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17:21:32  <xaxxon>if you’ve created an es6-syntax class, how do you construct an object of that type from c++ calls? trying to help someone and I can’t figure out what c++ api type that name is
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17:53:18  <xaxxon>variables defined with class aren’t in the global object.
17:55:23  <indutny>heya
17:55:28  <indutny>so I'm working on semi-secret project :)
17:55:45  <xaxxon>tell me all about it
17:55:45  <indutny>cracking hash seed in running v8 instance
17:56:28  <indutny>I can tell only one thing at this point - timing
17:57:05  <indutny>so I was wondering: given that I know hash(A) < hash(B) for several thousands of values
17:57:26  <indutny>strictly saying this means knowing bits of the seed
17:57:44  <indutny>is there any other way to find the seed other than brute force?
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18:29:33  <black_13>xaxxon: you figure it out tell me.
18:30:01  <black_13>are you trying to bind c++ object to javascript?
18:30:25  <trungl-bot`>Tree opened by [email protected]: open (can't repro crash locally, want to see if it happens again)
18:32:59  <xaxxon>black_13: pretty sure it’s just a scoping issue that I don’t quite understand yet..
18:44:21  <xaxxon>ok, I’m confused again. You can share a class Foo{}; across scripts, but it is not a global property
18:46:30  <black_13>xaxxon: https://github.com/TheCodeInside/v8-example
18:57:34  <xaxxon>I think the answer is that a context has a “lexical environment” that stores the name and that each script’s lexical environment’s parent is the context’s lexical environment. but if anyone can confirm, that’d be neat
19:00:20  <xaxxon>also I’d be interested in understanding the use of having a non-global property that is accessible from everywhere (which to me is what a global is)
19:00:41  <xaxxon>“global but not global"
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20:37:31  <indutny>anyone from v8 team around?
20:37:45  <indutny>I realize that munich is either at home now, or sleeping
20:37:46  <indutny>but anyway
20:37:50  <indutny>perhaps someone from east coast?
20:40:58  <aklein>indutny: hello
20:41:03  <aklein>I am in fact on the west coast
20:41:10  <aklein>what's up?
20:41:11  <indutny>that's cool too
20:41:33  <aklein>I like to think it's cool
20:41:59  <indutny>actually, while waiting for reply I decided to open a security issue straight ahead :)
20:41:59  <indutny>sorry
20:44:09  <aklein>oh dear
20:44:15  <aklein>but thanks!
20:44:19  <indutny>its not that bad
20:44:23  <indutny>don't worry
20:44:24  <indutny>np
20:44:27  <aklein>does it involve TypedArrays? :)
20:44:29  <indutny>no no
20:44:37  <aklein>ok that's always a good start
20:44:37  <indutny>it actually can't harm Chromium at all
20:44:48  <indutny>just node.js in some cases
20:44:57  <indutny>I've got a way to guess hash seed
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21:32:07  <jwolfe>according to my investigation, the relationship between CompilationCacheTable and CompilationCache is nothing. they're totally independent solutions to similar problems.
21:40:11  <jwolfe>wait. no. A CompilationCache has a couple of CompilationCacheEvals, which are a CompilationSubCaches, which have arrays of handles to CompilationCacheTables declared as Object**. Ok. that actually makes sense.
21:43:16  <jwolfe>and I supposed the array of Handle<CompilationCacheTable> is declared Object** to prevent constructors and destructors from running.
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22:59:43  <jwolfe>are there min/max util functions available to do (a < b) ? a : b?
23:07:55  <black_13>could someone update the following code to work with the latest version of v8 https://github.com/TheCodeInside/v8-example/blob/master/point.cpp
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23:11:47  <aklein>jwolfe: what are a and b?
23:12:49  <jwolfe>aklein, i was hoping for something generic. like template<typename T> T min(T a, T b) { return (a < b) ? a : b; }.
23:12:56  <jwolfe>in my case, they are ints
23:12:58  <aklein>jwolfe: std::min() should work
23:13:18  <aklein>it's in <algorithm>
23:13:42  <aklein>I was worried they were JS values :)
23:14:13  <jwolfe>aklein, oh thanks. i forget C++ has a standard library :)
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23:15:49  <aklein>yeah unlike _some_ languages
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