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08:30:05  <Super-Human>Guys~, How can i build on v8
08:30:15  <Super-Human>in Linux.
08:30:28  <Super-Human>I tried build with make command.
08:30:33  <Super-Human>but not work.
08:30:55  <Super-Human>Like this.
08:30:59  <Super-Human>https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/iw1FgzSs/
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16:12:49  <Cube8>hi guys! For my degree thesis, I need to find the buffer containing plain javascript has been executed from the engine. I'm looking for a pointer somewhere in the v8's source code to that buffer. Have I a chance to find it?
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18:48:13  <jwolfe>aklein / littledan__, does this intent to ship look good? http://paste.ubuntu.com/23793652/
18:53:21  <littledan__>jwolfe, looks pretty good to me; for compat risk you may want to clarify, "was previously a SyntaxError, therefore compatibility risk is low" (theoretically someone could be depending on the syntax error)
18:53:45  <littledan__>is it shipping in other browsers or just implemented in them? In Stable yet? That also feeds into the compat risk.
18:54:44  <littledan__>the summary could be a little clearer to explain that you can call a function which was not declared with trailing commas using a trailing comma; it could also use a more sympathetic example, with long parameters on separate lines. It doesn't need to be exhaustive about all the places where trailing parameters come up, OTOH
18:54:56  <littledan__>anyway, those pieces of feedback are all optional; it wouldn't be bad to mail as is
18:56:19  <littledan__>IMO it'd make sense to mail these sorts of intents to blink-dev in general, as that includes an audience who is interested in changes to the web-exposed surface, though cc'ing that list is not required and case-by-case
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19:17:22  <jwolfe>aklein, did you test trailing commas in Edge? I don't have access to any Edge installation to test this.
19:20:10  <jwolfe>aklein, our feature dashboard that i believe you created reports that Edge supports trailing commas in functions in stable. is that right?
19:34:35  <jwolfe>littledan__, is this summary too long? http://paste.ubuntu.com/23793925/
19:34:48  <jwolfe>i also optimistically reported that it works in Edge, but I'm not sure about that yet.
19:35:32  <aklein>jwolfe: I got that from the kangax table
19:36:02  <aklein>outside of stable releases, everyone but v8 supports it (based on local testing)
19:36:34  <aklein>jwolfe, littledan__: I'd bcc blink-dev, yeah
19:36:46  <aklein>if you don't phistuck probably will :)
19:36:55  <jwolfe>aklein, why bcc instead of cc?
19:37:50  <littledan__>jwolfe, I like the new email contents, ship it!
19:37:50  <aklein>jwolfe: to keep followups on the v8 side; I see the blink-dev part as an "FYI"
19:38:16  <aklein>jwolfe: but as I said what we really need here is just an actual process (which I mentioned to [email protected] in my meeting with him on Tuesday, it's a goal of ours for Q1)
19:38:36  <littledan__>good to hear!
19:39:23  <jwolfe>littledan__, thanks for your patience. i get that i'm doing optional stuff, but i'd like to spend some extra effort on this for the sake of learning.
19:40:11  <littledan__>jwolfe: no, I was not criticising you at all, this looks like a real improvement and I'm glad you did it. "ship it" was encouragement towards this intent email contents
19:41:37  <jwolfe>aklein, is this the kangax table you're talking about? https://kangax.github.io/compat-table/es2016plus/
19:42:32  <aklein>jwolfe: that's the one
19:43:15  <jwolfe>ok, and so i'm sending this to v8-users and bcc blink-dev?
19:43:36  <jwolfe>no v8-dev? i guess they already know?
19:43:49  * black_13joined
19:46:30  <aklein>that's the idea, yeah; this is basically "hey embedders the thing you embed is changing"
19:47:04  <jwolfe>cool. sent
19:47:49  <jwolfe>now is there some timeout to wait before making the change that enables the feature? like 2 weeks or something?
19:49:40  <jwolfe>uh. i suppose the email didn't go through. the delivery failure message i got suggested that i need to join the group before posing to it.
19:50:11  <black_13>embed thing?
19:50:18  <black_13>how is it changing
19:52:56  <black_13>aklein: how is changing. how do monitor what is happening with v8?
19:56:28  * bradleymeckjoined
19:56:58  <jwolfe>ok, i don't think i know how to send an email to those groups. i suspect the part after the @ is different for v8-users and blink-dev.
19:58:53  <jwolfe>black_13, that's a pretty broad question. you could try https://www.chromestatus.com/features or https://bugs.chromium.org/p/v8/issues/list to start. there's also probably some release notes you could find somewhere.
19:59:42  <black_13>ok.
20:00:02  <black_13>i have been reading the embedders guide but it seems dated
20:01:19  <black_13>i have tried to following this https://github.com/v8/v8/wiki/Embedder's-Guide
20:01:25  <black_13>but i think its out of date
20:06:52  * seventhjoined
20:08:10  <aklein>jwolfe: sorry that's confusing: [email protected], [email protected]
20:23:30  <caitp>I think you need to subscribe to the lists in order to send emails to them, don't you?
20:27:08  <black_13>i see
20:29:44  <black_13>would be nice if the point example was updated
20:35:30  <aklein>black_13: is there a particular part of it that's not working?
20:36:56  <black_13>is FunctionTemplate::New the starting point of any work you will do?
20:39:18  <aklein>not sure what you mean, it's the starting point if you want to make a function template
20:39:48  <aklein>which is the starting point for designing a JS class hierarchy from C++
20:43:39  <black_13>let say yes
20:48:44  <black_13>aklein: this is excerpt http://codepad.org/LjVCMsTo from shell.cc
20:50:44  <aklein>black_13: and how does what's there differ from the examples in the embedder's guide?
21:05:01  <black_13>what seems to be missing is "point" or something that says hey here is the point defined when you say "var p = new point()" a new point will be constructed.
21:07:12  <aklein>black_13: so are you saying the documentation is incomplete, rather than out of date?
21:07:49  <aklein>in https://github.com/v8/v8/wiki/Embedder's-Guide#templates, there's an example of installing a property on the global object to expose it to script
21:27:20  <black_13>aklein: thanks ... in that example "log" with "LogCallback"
21:29:30  <black_13>there should be a way in call back function you can create an instance of a C++ object and associated it with a v8 internal
21:29:42  <black_13>that you could recover for use at a later time.
21:30:53  <black_13>i found this example ... https://github.com/joastbg/quant-js/blob/master/core.cc
21:31:15  <black_13>but his example lacks c++ object creation.
21:38:24  <aklein>black_13: https://github.com/v8/v8/wiki/Embedder's-Guide#accessing-dynamic-variables is an example with associating a new C++ object with a v8 wrapper
21:39:42  <black_13>that is interesting but incomplete
21:39:48  <black_13>it makes one point ...
21:40:08  <black_13>it does not address "var p = point()" ....
21:45:03  <black_13>aklein: this is closer http://web.archive.org/web/20150217015842/http://create.tpsitulsa.com/blog/2009/01/29/v8-objects but references v8 at version 3.x
21:48:15  <aklein>well that guide isn't really meant to be exhaustive
21:48:17  <aklein>the API is huge
21:48:32  <aklein>I admit we could use more documentation, but I'm not sure it'd go on that page
21:51:56  * bradleymeckquit (Quit: bradleymeck)
21:51:59  <black_13>fair enough and anyone who wrote something up was someone who had down time then got busy and forgot to update the github they had
21:52:46  * bradleymeckjoined
21:53:41  <black_13>ok could you answer this how do you bind a name "point" to a function "v8::Handle<v8::Value> Point(const v8::Arguments &args)" this seems to be start of any work
22:04:24  <aklein>black_13: the log example I pointed to does exactly that
22:05:25  <black_13>sorry do you have that link again or is this on the embedders guide
22:05:45  <aklein>black_13: https://github.com/v8/v8/wiki/Embedder's-Guide#templates
22:06:11  <aklein>that example puts a reference from the global ObjectTemplate to your function's FunctionTemplate
22:06:33  <aklein>which means that any Contexts instantiated with that ObjectTemplate as their global will have a function called "log" available to them
22:06:42  <aklein>replace "log" with "point" and you have a path forward
22:09:54  <black_13>what is the differnece between and object template and and function template?
22:24:36  <black_13>while i am asking why does it take about 27 second to init the v8 engine can this time be shortened?
22:25:12  <black_13>aklein: hey some success
22:25:26  <black_13>it didn't crash and did call the construct operation.
22:25:46  <bradleymeck>27 seconds???
22:25:57  <bradleymeck>thats crazy, what are you loading into it
22:26:07  <bradleymeck>also check out mksnapshot
22:44:01  <black_13>bradleymeck: this is the main http://codepad.org/mpNBrgIf
23:03:12  * RT|Chatzillajoined
23:12:47  <jwolfe>aklein, does your LGTM mean i can make a CL to enable the feature immediately?
23:14:36  <bradleymeck>@black_13 have you used mksnapshot?
23:16:49  <black_13>no i have not.
23:20:27  * bradleymeckquit (Quit: bradleymeck)
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