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18:21:07  <Lucyfurnice>I have been trying to compile v8 as per the documentation, however depot_tools does not want to work.
18:21:23  <Lucyfurnice>i cloned depot_tools from chromium.googlesources.com
18:21:52  <Lucyfurnice>then i had to stash it because it said i had recent changes (that'd be from gclient sync altering the directory tree I think)
18:22:09  <Lucyfurnice>running fetch v8 errors on landmines and says it returned a non-zero exit code (1)
18:23:00  <Lucyfurnice>I am inspecting node.js setup from github to see if it is possible to link against it's libraries but it doesnt look like it will let me because of some difference in the compile, which i could also alter, however it would seem easier to just use a v8 clone.
18:23:07  <Lucyfurnice>Can anyone provide me with a guide that will work?
18:24:06  <Lucyfurnice>I dont even need a recent version, 5.9.50 would be good
19:41:42  <Lucyfurnice>this is the correct depot_tools url right? https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/tools/depot_tools
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19:51:54  <Lucyfurnice>I get it, the world is tired of developers like me, they come in they don't have anything to say other than the same questions that have been answered a thousand times. I will idle for a while and if I find a way to get it working i will publish it on wordpress to help mitigate this situation.
19:52:09  <Lucyfurnice>*this kind of
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21:43:01  <Lucyfurnice>this is the issue i am having: https://puu.sh/uP3Yu/56463a7d6c.png
21:43:08  <Lucyfurnice>it's a screencap of the console
21:49:57  <Lucyfurnice>running landmines.py by itself generates this error: https://www.chromium.org/developers/how-tos/build-instructions-windows
21:55:01  <Lucyfurnice>Looks like I was missing the debugging section of the windows 10 sdk
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