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14:53:52  <caitp>aklein: do you think it'd be alright to start landing https://chromium-review.googlesource.com/c/446961/ and the related CLs? the main reason I"m hesitant is, I'm pretty sure it's guaranteed to lead to another "Regression: snapshot/heap size is X kb bigger than before"
14:54:09  <caitp>there isn't much that can be done about it at the moment
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15:52:46  <movlw>i am new with v8/c+ and i am trying to use the posix thread to handle with async .. basically when callback->Call is called i had "Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded".. there is a working example,tutorial or something .. without nodejs or third librarys like libuv.
15:58:05  <caitp>movlw: so you have JS code that calls a C++ function, which does something async, and you want it to invoke a JS callback when it's done, or something?
15:58:10  <caitp>or resolve a promise, or whatever
16:00:30  <aklein>caitp: if you've got sign-off from your reviewers, yes (I'm still not great at digging through Gerrit to find actual comments)
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16:01:00  <caitp>i've found that too, it could use something like the "hide automatic comments" thing from rietveld
16:01:04  <aklein>caitp: as we previously discussed, I think heap snapshot growth due to CSA needs to be approached systematically
16:01:10  <aklein>caitp: I think there is an open bug for this
16:01:17  <aklein>caitp: for the Gerrit thing that is
16:01:25  <aklein>caitp: dialing into meeting?
16:01:29  <caitp>yeah, be there in a sec
16:02:59  <movlw>caitp: obrigado por responder. Exatamente .. criar o contexto , chamar a função, retornar .. consegui entender, mas lidar com operações async era com threads, então consegui com pthread_create por um thread com minha callback.. mas na hora que args->fn->Call(v8::Context::GetCurrent()->Global(), 1, args_); eu tenho a mensagem dita.
16:03:00  <movlw>ops
16:03:27  <movlw>sry .. past the original .. here what google give . rrsrs ..
16:03:29  <movlw>thanks for answering. Hi, I am trying to create an async operation in a web application, but I can not find a way to do this. V8 :: Context :: GetCurrent () -> Global (), 1, args_); I have the message said.
16:04:14  <caitp>I think it might be hard to help you on this if there's a language issue :(
16:09:06  <movlw>again .. sry.. google translate the wrong one .. argh !! from here is "my poor english.." .. what i am trying is exacly what you says.. keep running the js but if has something like connect(...,function(){}); after do the socket operation do the annoyn function(){} ..
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17:34:06  <caitp>oh no, typo in the commit message
17:34:18  <caitp>polygerrit, why no spellchecker!
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22:57:34  <jwolfe>so i just tried to setup git cl to use gerrit, and now google is asking my aproval to allow *.googlesource.com to view and manage my git repositories. i confused about the assumption here. how is google authenticated to view and manage my git repositories? why does *.googlesource.com need google's permission to do anything with git? i would understand if this was permission to view my gmail contacts, or login to youtube or something, but i don't
22:57:35  <jwolfe>understand what authority google has regarding git.
22:58:21  <jwolfe>is this about the contributor license? does *.googlesource.com asking if it can use git under the contributor license that google knows i signed?
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23:08:42  <aklein>jwolfe: I don't know the specific answers to your questions. the faq at https://polygerrit.appspot.com/ suggests emailing [email protected] with questions not covered there
23:09:12  <aklein>jwolfe: that said, I suspect the "git repositories" it's talking about are those hosted at googlesource.com
23:09:21  <aklein>of which I'm guessing you have none
23:09:59  <aklein>Gerrit is built on top of Google's git servers, which live under googlesource.com
23:10:09  <aklein>including v8's (https://chromium.googlesource.com/v8/v8/)
23:11:56  <jwolfe>aklein: ok, so my google login is how i login to googlesource. that makes sense. thanks.
23:13:19  <caitp>it's a bit weird to ask for permissions from users who don't have said permissions themselves
23:47:06  <aklein>caitp: I've probably become numb to non-sensical permissions prompts from Google oauth things over the years
23:47:14  <aklein>things like "googlesource.com is not affiliated with Google"
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