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16:06:41  <aklein>caitp: do you know if all the typed array iterators really need their own instance types?
16:07:35  <caitp>I can't recall --- I can try to find the design doc for you where this was discussed
16:07:46  <caitp>it was about getting enough information to turbofan
16:09:43  <aklein>caitp: cool, if you can find the doc that'd be useful. we're just about out of InstanceTypes
16:09:57  <caitp>yeah...
16:10:09  <aklein>is this the one? https://docs.google.com/document/d/13z1fvRVpe_oEroplXEEX0a3WK94fhXorHjcOMsDmR-8/edit
16:10:35  <caitp>yep
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16:12:04  <aklein>thanks
17:14:46  <caitp>aklein: note that we also have instance types for a lot of FixedArray subclasses, when we I think always know contextually which type they really are
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20:12:52  <caitp>plus, we could give them same instance type and just a per-isolate map indicating their type, I think
20:14:15  <caitp>or rely on elements kind to know what fixed array type it is? probably an easy way to drop the top instance count by like 12
20:18:33  <caitp>another thing is to change FIRST_NONSTRING_TYPE to be something other than `128`, since most checks for string-ness don't test bit 7, but rather test if less than first non-string type
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20:49:34  <aklein>caitp: yeah, there are lots of options. Yang, I think, went with a non-InstanceType thing for this case (which was, indeed, another FixedArray). there's also some chatter about making InstanceType a uint16_t, since apparently there's an extra byte somewhere in Map
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20:52:38  <caitp>oh i thought you had some cleanup planned about it or something
20:58:33  <aklein>no, it was an email on the (internal, sigh) team list. could have easily gone to v8-dev
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