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16:55:18  <jwolfe_>littledan, aklein: if i start here: https://build.chromium.org/p/tryserver.blink/builders/linux_trusty_blink_rel/builds/12254 , scroll to the giant red box, and click on "shard #0 isolated out" or "shard #0 (failed)", then i get permission denied errors. I don't even know if i should bother with those links, but that's what I was referring to earlier.
16:56:12  <aklein>jwolfe_: ah. no, those boxes aren't likely useful :)
16:56:21  <jwolfe_>i guess there are multiple "giant red boxes". i'm talking about "webkit_layout_tests (with patch)"
16:56:42  <aklein>you want the link labeled "layout_test_results" (under step 36 on that page)
16:57:05  <jwolfe_>aklein, ah. this looks better.
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17:17:08  <jwolfe_>alright, i'm back from ranting to all the programmers i know about how frustrating this trybot results system is, and how there's pretty much no way for me to have figured out how to use this system without either clicking on everything or asking for help.
17:18:59  <jwolfe_>we don't need to focus on fixing everything wrong with the world at once, but since we're on the topic, is there some bug i can follow to be notified when this atrocious workflow process gets fixed? i'm going to be tilted all day if i don't see some comradery for my sense of justice.
17:20:02  <jwolfe_>this goes beyond a confusing and unclear system you need to learn to use. this is a broken system that you need to workaround in order to use.
17:20:51  <littledan>jwolfe_: Asking for help is nothing to be avoided!
17:21:32  <littledan>I believe there was some effort by the infra team to improve output, with the "timeline", except I don't know if that solved this problem. People didn't use the new timeline view, and so it was removed
17:22:49  <jwolfe_>are we saying there isn't any imaginable good solution? how about a link in the gerrit issue straight to the layout_test_results?
17:24:01  <jwolfe_>should i open a new issue?
17:27:53  <jwolfe_>looks like this is the bug i'm looking for: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=719995
17:40:22  <aklein>jwolfe_: I'll just echo what littledan said: asking for help is the expected workflow
17:40:56  <aklein>Chromium infrastructure is a big complex beast, with many customers and many moving parts
17:41:41  <caitp>yes, the tarball with the test results web page is the most helpful thing to look at when going through test results (in both chromium and webkit)
17:42:06  <caitp>at least, for layout tests
17:51:58  <jwolfe_>there's a limit to how much a process should rely on asking people for help. if that's the intended solution to everything, then delete all the guides on how to build chromium. (reductio ad absurdum; not serious)
17:52:00  <jwolfe_>There seems to be a problem that people don't want to fix but would rather work around. Is the fix really so hard? Is it really worth all the frustration that people like me face? (Is frustration worth anything to this project?)
17:56:49  <caitp>it's definitely better to minimize frustration :)
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19:36:37  <aklein>jwolfe_: the short answer to "Is the fix really so hard?" is "sorta, yes"
19:37:21  <aklein>jwolfe_: assuming that people "don't want to fix" the problem seems to be assuming the worst, i.e., that the _intention_ is to frustrate you
19:37:31  <aklein>that seems both unlikely and uncharitable
19:54:36  <trungl-bot`>Tree closed by [email protected]: closed (https://build.chromium.org/p/client.v8/builders/V8%20Linux%20-%20gc%20stress/builds/11953 from 41daf8a5798fc2ae603bea8274790a57942394f3)
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22:12:25  <jwolfe_>aklein, littledan: so i guess if asking for help is the intended workflow, then how are people supposed to know that? The build log contains a lot of information that looks like it might be useful if you spend enough time on it, but it's a trap compared to the more useful link hidden below.
22:13:03  <jwolfe_>i knew that if i ran the tests locally i would get those pretty diffs, and i didn't even know if they were available in the trybot results.
22:13:19  <littledan>I'm not sure how you're supposed to know to ask for help; I just ask for help pretty quickly when I'm stuck, in general
22:43:27  <jwolfe_>I think i misread "the expected workflow" as "the intended workflow".
22:47:29  <jwolfe_>As long as we agree that the current system is hard to use and should be improved someday, then I can be happy. It doesn't need to be the top of the priority list; I just need to see it on there somewhere.
22:49:48  <trungl-bot`>Tree closed by [email protected]: closed (https://build.chromium.org/p/client.v8/builders/V8%20Linux%20-%20gc%20stress/builds/11960 from 19fee8b24b2f1580a92910635e0ca02cbdf615af)
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