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04:56:23  <gsathya>devsnek: i know, i added ScriptOrModule in V8 ...
04:56:50  <devsnek>not sure what you meant then
04:59:06  <devsnek>gsathya: I opened a bug/feature request for it https://bugs.chromium.org/p/v8/issues/detail?id=7546
05:00:00  <devsnek>has a bit more detail about the use case
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05:31:26  <devsnek>I guess an alternative is allowing non-primtives in the origin
05:31:51  <devsnek>but I assume that's annoying memory stuff
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18:32:31  <Wes->devsnek: Nope - is your platform = NewDefaultPlatform()? Sounds like it might be NULL
18:41:46  <devsnek>yea I just do NewDefaultPlatform
18:42:12  <devsnek>it should still work as of 6.6 lkgr right?
18:44:35  <Wes->I'm having an odd problem with my embedding. It allows me to evaluate the contents of a file, and then of an arbitrary number of command-line arguments. If I evaluate a large file, followed by a command-line argument which uses print() (the only native function I've added - stolen from shell), I wind up v8::base::OS::Abort()
18:45:13  <Wes->Ring a bell with anybody? Can anybody point me in the right direction re debugging?
18:45:34  <Wes->devsnek: I don't even know what 6.6 lkgr is
18:46:26  <Wes->devsnek: your init should look something like this: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/9079817
18:49:47  <Wes->my gut tells me the problem I'm seeing with my embedding is probably related to memory allocation, but you'd think that would relatively safe since I don't explicitly destroy anything, and all the hunks of JS run in the same isolate and context
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18:57:50  <devsnek>Wes-: it looks exactly like that
18:58:02  <devsnek>except I compiled with no snapshot
18:58:31  <Wes->devsnek: weird. Works for me? FWIW I am using exactly the same compilation environment as samples/hello-world.c
18:58:42  <devsnek>yea that's where I started from
18:58:58  <devsnek>this code worked before
18:59:14  <devsnek>I should really github this
19:00:01  <Wes->(have you figured out how to do a debug build yet?)
19:02:38  <devsnek>yea lol
19:02:55  <devsnek>i'm not new to c++
19:03:10  <devsnek>i've been using lldb extensively
19:03:14  <devsnek>i posted a trace up above
19:03:23  <Wes->gn gen out.gn/foo --args='is_debug=false target_cpu="x64" ; ninja -C out.gn/x64.debug/ is running right now here
19:04:17  <Wes->devsnek: This build system is brand new to me. I'm going to have to get up to speed on it at some point.
19:04:35  <devsnek>this entire thing is terrible tbh
19:04:39  <devsnek>i've never had so much trouble using a library
19:06:17  <Wes->devsnek: you should have tried using spidermonkey on sparc in 2011. I had to fix the damn JIT assembler, LOL. And that build system is pretty awfully hairy, too. To add insult to injury, it changed struct layout depending on if you where -DDEBUG or not. So if you built your embedding in release put the library installed on your box was debug (or vice-versa), the struct members for the JS...
19:06:18  <Wes->...contexts and so on didn't line up.
19:06:24  <devsnek>heh
19:23:41  <devsnek>Wes-: https://github.com/devsnek/ivan/blob/master/src/ivan.cc#L91
19:23:48  <devsnek>ignore the shitty printf
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20:03:36  <Wes->devsnek: I don't see any obvious issues, although plugging it into my build system yields warnings that you are using deprecated functions
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20:17:50  <devsnek>a lot of the code is from like v8 5.4
20:18:06  <devsnek>this failure just like randomly started happening tho
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21:53:56  <devsnek>hey gsathya did you ever get a chance to look at that feature req i linked?
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