00:05:25  <xaxxon>devsnek: it would be pretty hard to work with values if you couldn't ever store them outside of a lexical scope...
00:05:50  <xaxxon>or are you referring to global beyond persistenthandle or whatever its base type is?
00:06:07  <devsnek>Global : PersistentBase i think
00:06:11  <devsnek>but yea that class
00:09:43  <xaxxon>devsnek: it's basically a unique_ptr for javascript values
00:10:01  <devsnek>yea and its a+
00:10:59  <xaxxon>you seem to be quite impressed with it.. what were you using before?
00:12:47  <devsnek>nothing
00:12:56  <devsnek>i wasn't aware what i'm trying to do is possible
00:14:04  <xaxxon>yes, without global, you basically can't store JS values in data structures..
00:14:12  <xaxxon>are you doing anyhting particularly fancy? or just getting started?
00:14:12  <devsnek>yea i was having a bad time
00:17:15  <xaxxon>devsnek: once you start embedding c++ objects inside your javascript objects and then setting c++ functions as callbacks for when the value is cleaned up... that's when the real power of Global starts to shine... but damn if it's not a pain in the ass, at the same time
00:17:38  <devsnek>i'm working with maps of Local<Module> right now
00:19:13  <xaxxon>if you're not following it already, make sure you check out the v8-users mailing list. this channel is usually completely dead, but you can get help pretty regularly there.. or just learn from other people's questions
00:19:24  <xaxxon>https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/v8-users
00:19:26  <devsnek>i've never done a mailing list before
00:20:09  <devsnek>as long as you're around can you help me with this cryptic error i just got
00:20:29  <devsnek>i don't know what to make of this https://gc.gy/⚃⚢拏.png
00:21:29  <xaxxon>is this node stuff?
00:21:34  <devsnek>yea
00:21:43  <xaxxon>devsnek: I don't know anyhting about node
00:21:45  <xaxxon>yeah, no clue.
00:21:49  <devsnek>but in this case all i did is set up an unordered_map<Global<Module>, int>
00:22:00  <xaxxon>ok
00:22:06  <devsnek>and then i did `map[Global<Module>(isolate, module)] = id`
00:23:22  <xaxxon>that line causes the error?
00:23:48  <devsnek>https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/h6OxDo9C/
00:23:52  <devsnek>i guess its this?
00:24:42  <xaxxon>in order to make a unordered map, you have to implement std::hash of the key type
00:25:15  <devsnek>i was just sorta doing what i saw in d8
00:25:15  <xaxxon>..which probably doesn't make much sense for a javascript value
00:25:41  <devsnek>d8 has a map from cstring to module and from module to cstring
00:25:43  <xaxxon>it would be VERY expensive to look up this way. instead, maybe if you can get a string name of the module, just key it by std::string
00:25:50  <devsnek>however in node
00:25:56  <devsnek>we can't key the module map by urls
00:26:16  <devsnek>because they aren't guaranteed to be unique
00:26:31  <devsnek>so i'm using an incrementing int
00:26:45  <devsnek>is that where the problem came from?
00:27:03  <xaxxon>well, this SPECIFIC problem is that you don't have std::hash specialized for global<module
00:27:03  <xaxxon>>
00:27:11  <xaxxon>whichi is required for unordered_map/set
00:27:28  <devsnek>is there some thing in d8 i didn't see that handles that?
00:27:43  <xaxxon>I don't know much about d8, either. I just use the raw api
00:27:56  <xaxxon>link me the file/line in d8 that has this?
00:28:01  <xaxxon>I'll take a quick look
00:28:03  <devsnek>sec
00:28:27  <devsnek>https://cs.chromium.org/chromium/src/v8/src/d8.cc?l=765
00:28:39  <devsnek>oh heck
00:28:43  <devsnek>GlobalModuleHash
00:28:43  <devsnek>lol
00:29:01  <devsnek>i guess that answers my question
00:29:51  <xaxxon>there ya go
00:30:09  <xaxxon>yeah, the alternative to implementing std::hash for the key type is to specify your own comparator
00:30:18  <xaxxon>that's the third parameter.. which is the type you emntioned
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00:38:36  <devsnek>wow its actually building
00:50:47  <xaxxon>devsnek: yay
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01:46:25  <devsnek>xaxxon: thanks i got everything working now :D https://github.com/devsnek/node/commit/91f415c029dd4b26a66b704ea87c60aa2fdb075a
01:46:32  <xaxxon>sweet
01:47:42  <devsnek>oh wait i forgot one thing
01:48:14  <devsnek>`delete env()->module_to_id_map[Global<Module>(env()->isolate(), module)];` won't compile
01:48:39  <devsnek>cannot delete expression of type mapped_type
01:49:53  <devsnek>oh hmm erase works
01:50:04  <devsnek>i thought unordered_map had an overload for delete[]
02:29:52  <xaxxon>devsnek: I don't think it's technically possible to do what you were trying to do
02:30:03  <devsnek>it all works
02:30:10  <xaxxon>I mean this: delete env()->module_to_id_map[Global<Module>(env()->isolate(), module)];
02:30:11  <devsnek>wdym
02:30:13  <devsnek>oh
02:30:30  <devsnek>i changed it to env()->module_to_id_map.erase(Global<Module>(env()->isolate(), module))
02:30:43  <xaxxon>yes, that works :)
02:30:51  <devsnek>i just incorrectly thought that unordered_map had an overload for delete[]
02:31:00  <xaxxon>I don't think that's something you can even do
02:31:04  <devsnek>i think it is
02:31:21  <devsnek>yep operator delete[] is a thing
02:32:16  <xaxxon>yes, there is such a thing, but I don't think you can make it take a reference type and have it perform an arbitrary action... especially pointing back to a different object (the actual map) to have it operate on
02:32:50  <devsnek>well you probs know better than i do
02:32:51  <xaxxon>env()->module_to_id_map[Global<Module>(env()->isolate(), module)]; returns a reference to a value object
02:33:01  <xaxxon>it has no notion of being associated with a map
02:33:31  <devsnek>yea that makes sense
02:33:35  <devsnek>i'm too used to js
02:33:38  <xaxxon>delete[] is for calling the destructor of an array of objects
02:33:55  <xaxxon>:)
02:34:00  <xaxxon>I'm the opposite. my JS is ass
02:34:31  <devsnek>so are you a v8 dev or
02:34:37  <devsnek>rando good guy
02:35:05  <xaxxon>I have 1 patch in v8 and it was a trivial one-liner
02:35:19  <xaxxon>no I just hang out here in case there's another living soul that shows up
02:35:38  <xaxxon>which is literally about once every 6 months
02:35:41  <xaxxon>other than a dev saying like 3 things to another dev who never responds
02:35:52  <devsnek>i have 0 patches cuz anything v8 related that isn't the public api is more complex than rocket science
02:36:21  <xaxxon>my patch was to the public api
02:36:29  <xaxxon>I think it literally added the word "explicit" somewhere
02:36:32  <xaxxon>it was a while ago
02:36:49  <devsnek>nice
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11:39:07  <aklein>devsnek: your experience definitely suggests that we should have a little documentation somewhere about how we expect people to use the Module API
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12:17:20  <devsnek>aklein: definitely hehe
12:18:51  <devsnek>I've been working on like a hello-world.cc equiv
13:04:47  <aklein>devsnek: if you happen to generate something you'd be up for contributing...let us know :)
13:05:17  <devsnek>yea I've been meaning to figure out how to contribute to v8
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13:21:55  <devsnek>and meanwhile in d8 `Local<Context> realm` 😓
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18:16:17  <devsnek>hmm one question that occurred to me
18:16:22  <devsnek>why do modules not have the url on them
18:16:27  <devsnek>d8 has a map from module to module url
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18:47:12  <devsnek>aklein: i have a thingy which runs modules (all sync unfortunately)
18:47:22  <devsnek>i would have to make an entire map just to setup import.meta.url though
18:47:40  <devsnek>i'm debating how worth it that is
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20:51:37  <devsnek>aklein: i came up with this, probably needs some work to be v8-repo-worthy :P https://gist.github.com/devsnek/ab79226130f097e1b009b774f3c8ec9c
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