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00:48:49  <devsnek>djdduty: i recommend building with v8_monolithic = true
00:49:10  <devsnek>it builds everything into one library
00:49:48  <djdduty>devsnek: Can you defined "everything"? Like, base/libbase/libplatform/libsampler/snapshot?
00:49:58  <djdduty>Literally all of those?
00:50:03  <devsnek>it doesn't include the snapshot
00:50:06  <devsnek>but everything else ye
00:50:17  <djdduty>So if I build with monolithic and turn off internatiolaziation it'll just be v8 and v8_nosnapshot?
00:50:17  <devsnek>i have yet to figure out how to bundle snapshots in
00:50:27  <devsnek>it should be yeah
00:50:43  <devsnek>you'll get libv8_monolithic.a
00:50:46  <djdduty>Dunno what's going on with my spelling today, sorry.
00:50:52  <devsnek>i got the message lel
00:51:01  <devsnek>node.js builds with monolithic
00:51:28  <djdduty>Is there any news on what's going on building on windows with static turned on? I can't build it and found bug tracker post from the 26th with the same issue.
00:51:43  <devsnek>no idea
00:51:44  <djdduty>It errors out when building cctest, but I suppose I can just tell ninja to build v8 only
00:51:50  <devsnek>i generally try to pretend windows doesn't exist
00:52:17  <djdduty>My other issue though, on windows msvc is tellig me the lib file is invalid or corrupt
00:52:41  <devsnek>i dunno anything about windows build systems :P
00:52:43  <devsnek>sorry 'bout that
00:56:36  <djdduty>devsnek: If I don't want to build monolithic, is there anywhere I can see exactly what libraries I need to link against?
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01:30:24  <devsnek>djdduty: I don't think so
01:30:31  <devsnek>I was never able to find anything anyway
02:21:55  <djdduty>devsnek: Yeah, there's quite a distinct lack of documentation
02:32:30  <devsnek>what I've found is that if you're not node.js or chromium your needs don't really matter
02:42:12  <djdduty>Yeah I might chose a different js engine to embed.
02:43:05  <djdduty>I'm just trying to do something as an experiment, I wrote my own JS virtual dom / component framework (recreated react) and wanted to embed it into my game engine to see what kind of performance I can get out of fully dynamic UI written with it.
02:43:46  <djdduty>And then I realized I could use react and just write a reconciler, so I did that instead... I'm using duktape but I'd rather use v8 (I like the api and optimizations better, as well as language support)
03:05:54  <djdduty>Oh! Looks like with monolith it built.
03:27:54  <djdduty>I got it to run a script!
03:27:56  <djdduty>Nice.
03:28:03  <djdduty>A whole week of effort for this basically.
03:28:32  <djdduty> 0C
03:35:41  <devsnek>djdduty: i went through the same thing
03:35:49  <devsnek>but i do recommend v8
03:35:55  <devsnek>the c++ api is top notch
03:36:02  <devsnek>the performance is stupidly good
03:36:45  <devsnek>if you want some examples of what a project looks like without being as enormous as chromium or node my thingy is https://github.com/devsnek/zero
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10:48:36  <ryzokuken>is cquery still better than the official VSCode C/C++ extension?
10:49:21  <ryzokuken>I see that the wiki was updated in May regarding that, but what features does the MS extension lack?
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