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14:59:54  <trigen>Hi there, I have a question. I didn't reduce it to a small test case yet, but I am trying to embed v8 in my program, this worked before but now I've updated the v8 checkout and I get a segfault: https://pastebin.com/QBhR1gy2 I was wondering if anyone can hint me towards what may be wrong? I'm statically linking it
15:00:28  <trigen>If this is too vague I will try to make a small test case, but I thought maybe based on the crash it could be clear already what I should do
16:01:38  <caitp>lets see..
16:05:42  <caitp>trigen, can you try running with --no_embedded_builtins ?
16:06:44  <caitp>actually, you may also want to build with V8_EMBEDDED_BUILTINS_BOOL=false, or v8_enable_embedded_builtins=false in args.gn
16:07:38  <caitp>that's not an actual solution to your problem, because embedded builtins should help, but I want to see if you can get back to your old working behaviour by turning them off
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19:06:33  <trigen>Alright will try that now
19:21:06  <caitp>on the most recent checkin I have, the gn option just changes the default value of FLAG_embedded_builtins, so you may not actually need to mess with the build settings
19:21:26  <caitp>but maybe you do, I can't recall
19:26:35  <trigen>Cool! Well it seems to work, it no longer crashes anymore
19:55:50  <trungl-bot>Tree closed by [email protected]: closed (https://ci.chromium.org/p/v8/builders/luci.v8.ci/V8%20Linux%20-%20gc%20stress/17547 from 670fa86fd171670c86528fc0fad2b262ea19be74)
20:04:14  <caitp>ok, so I think what you'll want to do is ask on the mailing list, or file a bug wrt embedded builtins. or maybe mathiasbynens_ could poke jakob about it or something, to see if this is a known issue?
20:28:52  <trigen>Alright, I'll see if I can make a small cpp file to reproduce the issue and post it to the mailinglist. I will do that probably on Monday since I don't have much time this weekend.
20:29:03  <trigen>Thanks a lot already because I'm pretty happy at least having a working program now again
21:39:42  <trungl-bot>Tree opened by [email protected]: open (change reverted)
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