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19:55:56  <yan>I'm trying to better understand the JIT; is it possible to force v8 to emit native code of a specific function for a specific set of arguments, bypassing normal instrumentation?
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20:46:25  <yan>I wrote a helper to pull out the code from a JSFunction, but the code doesn't change as i call the function with varied arg types
20:56:11  <aklein>yan: v8 only generates one chunk of optimized code for a given function, so it wouldn't change in such cases. only when it's inlined do we do such specialization
20:57:04  <yan>aklein: is it possible to force inlining?
20:58:30  <aklein>yan: the usual way we do this in tests is to warm up the type feedback by running the (outer) function a couple times, and then using %OptimizeFunctionOnNextCall to trigger optimization
20:58:47  <aklein>(needs --allow-natives-syntax as well)
20:59:46  <yan>that's already how i'm dumping it. is there anything special about the shape of the outer function, or can it be as simple as forwarding args to inner function?
21:00:23  <yan>something like: function outer(f, argArray) { return f.apply(f, argArray); }, and then call outer() ~40 times
21:05:42  <yan>aklein: can it be that the compiler thread isn't emitting code between the function being primed and me dumping code?
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22:17:23  <yan>aklein: i suspect it has to do with how i invoke the function. i have: "driver() { outer() { inner(); } } }", so i think driver() is being inlined, which is just a call to outer(), which inner() from being inlined into outer()
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